Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 O-Lifting


12min to find a Heavy 1 Rep Snatch Rest 4min

12min to find a Heavy 1 Rep Clean and Jerk Rest 4min

*Note* This does not say a 1 Rep Max, if you are feeling slow your goal is around 85%.  If your feeling fast and strong then your goal is 95-105%.  Only take 3-4 heavy attempts (85%-105%).  These are FULL SQUAT SNATCHES and CLEANS.


Strength Conditioning

a.3x Max Effort Strict Pull-Up Rest 60sec

b.3x 15 Good Mornings 35% of your Squat Rest 60sec

c.3x Max Effort Toes to bar Rest 60sec

*Note* This should be done like a circuit.  3 rounds going 1 set of each per round.  You must stick to the rest period.


Find a 1 Rep Max Bar Bell Turkish Get-Up

*Note* You must be able to do one on left and the right arm.  You also have to be able to come down with the weight.