Athlete Spotlight: Kim Benson

Name:Kim Benson


Occupation:Finance/insurance sales


Which class time do you usually attend?Hahaha, I guess 6 PM

Favorite WOD: Most barbell WODs or longer metcons, Linda and filthy fifty are good ones.

Favorite CF Movement: Power anything, probably snatches right now.

Least Favorite CF Movement: Single/double unders

3RM Back Squat:155ish

1RM Deadlift:215

Favorite Food:Carbs

Favorite Movie: Tank Girl

Favorite Athlete:If it’s CF I’d say Kara Webb

Dream Job:Can we make paid amateur crossfitter a thing?

Dream Vacation Destination:Thailand

If you could have any super power…:Unlimited thrusters at any weight or a fairy that cleans my house for me.

Favorite Motivational Quote:“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say”

How long have you been doing CrossFit? (Since Month, Year)


How did you first discover CrossFit and what made you decide to start?

My sister drank the Kool-Aid, and boredom with Globo gym fitness.

Tell us about your fitness/sports background:

None really before CrossFit.

What sorts of positive changes (mental, physical, emotional) have you noticed in your life since getting involved at No Excuses?

Physically I’ve seen major improvements in the number of skills I have but what I think is more important is the emotional effect of having such a great community and so many new friendships.

Who or what keeps you coming back and motivated?

The people, they’re the best.

In what other ways do you use your fitness?

Hiking, yoga, picking up all the heavy things.

Please share with us a favorite CrossFit or No Excuses moment.

I don’t have a specific moment yet, but I love it when fellow members come together to encourage each other. There’s nothing like when someone is trying to hit that big lift and everyone in the gym is just screaming and getting so excited for them.

Name one goal you would like to achieve in the next year (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related, but it can be)

I reallllly want to be able to snatch my body weight.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the gym:

Cooking, reading, being outside.

What advice do you have for someone just starting CrossFit or is on the fence about starting?

Just do it!! Take every workout one at a time and go at your own pace.

What do you love most about No Excuses?

The community

Coach Adam’s Take: “Since starting at No Excuses CrossFit, I could argue that Kim is the most improved athlete that I’ve consistently worked with. While it is rare for Kim to miss a weekday CrossFit class, it’s also rare for Kim to miss an opportunity to work on her weaknesses. On a very regular basis, you can find Kim reaping the benefits of our specialty classes, or clinics, as well as constantly applying all the tools she has received from her coaches, in an effort to improve herself. In addition to her devotion and dedication, Kim also possesses a level of strength that I am very excited to see her tap more into, as she becomes more comfortable and experienced with the movements she sees on a regular basis.”