Running outside

Let’s celebrate your hard work

The seasons are changing, and as you get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, I want to point something out to you:

Your work in the gym is paying off—big time!

Going hiking? Take a second at the top of the hill to congratulate yourself for training to get there.

Paddling or swimming? I hope you feel strong and powerful as you cut through the water.

Running or biking? I hope you smile as the wind whips past you.

And I hope you feel like a boss when you crush yard work, help a friend move or play any sport you enjoy. 

Many of us have goals in the gym, but few people work out just for the sake of working out. We’re all doing it so we can be healthier, fitter and happier. In the next month, you’re going to get a ton of opportunities to see just how much you’ve accomplished in the gym and the kitchen over winter. 

Don’t miss this great spring opportunity to feel good about yourself. You earned the right to celebrate every time you went to the gym when you were tired and every time you made a salad when ordering wings and pizza would have been easier. You’re a super hero!

Do me a favor: Whenever you have a “fit moment” over the next month, shoot me a message and let me know what you noticed. I’d LOVE to hear about how your work in the gym is making you feel amazing outside it. 

Even better: Send me a pic that shows what you’re doing with your fitness. I’d love to show you off on social media!

Spring or Summer Vacation?

If you’re planning a vacation in the coming months, we can keep you moving wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you have access to a lot of equipment or just a rock, a tree branch and a trail. We can make sure you don’t lose any momentum. Checkout the travel workouts we have on our website.

And we all know vacations bring a few extra snacks and beverages. If you talk to us about nutrition, we can help you accommodate the things you enjoy and still accomplish your goals.

You deserve some relaxation in the coming months, but I know you’ve got goals, and we’re here to help you stay on track.

And here’s a tip: Consider getting workouts done in the morning when the weather is nice so you can hit the deck or the patio in the afternoon!


P.S. Don’t forget to send me a “fit moment.” I can’t wait to see what you’re up to outside the gym!