The #1 overlooked aspect of healthy fasting

Too many people neglect electrolytes while fasting. The result is that they feel tired, crampy, and weak during the fast.

This usually gets blamed on lack of food. And that’s certainly part of it. Fasting should cause some hunger, and it’s generally not conducive to peak performance.

But it shouldn’t cause dizziness, weakness, fatigue, or cramps. These fasting-related symptoms typically have one of two causes:

1) Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

2) Inadequate electrolytes

Cause #1, hypoglycemia, is mostly a problem for type 1 or type 2 diabetics on blood sugar-lowering drugs. That’s why diabetics shouldn’t fast without medical supervision.

But cause #2, low electrolytes, can affect anyone who fasts. Food is our main source of electrolytes, and during a fast, you’re not consuming anything. You also excrete more sodium in a fasted state (this is called the natriuresis of fasting and it’s something clinicians monitor when fasting patients therapeutically).

So, fewer electrolytes come in during a fast and more go out. Which makes it easy for a deficiency to develop—and the cramps, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms that come along with it.

Consuming electrolytes during a fast can help prevent this. The problem? Most of the electrolyte products on the market are either loaded with sugar or woefully lacking in actual electrolytes.

Enter LMNT, which is now sold at No Excuses CrossFit.

Created by former research biochemist Robb Wolf and ketogains founder Luis Villasenor, LMNT has enough sodium, potassium, and magnesium to move the needle—and keep you feeling and performing your best. Plus it has ZERO sugar, artificial colors, or other dodgy ingredients to hold you back.

All this means that LMNT supports your fast—intermittent or extended—without breaking it. It also supports your general hydration. And is especially important if you train fasted, since you lose extra electrolytes through sweat. As a bonus, research suggests that sodium supplementation also mitigates weight rebound after a fast.

You’re also guaranteed to find an LMNT flavor you love. Try fan-favorites Citrus Salt or Raspberry Salt, get spicy with Mango Chili, or mix Chocolate Salt into your morning coffee for a mean mocha.

-Coach Brandon