What you need to know for Memorial Day Murph

No Excuses CrossFit is excited to host Memorial Day Murph on Monday at 9am. We know you probably have some questions about the event, so this should answer them.

The gym will open at 8:15am.

We will do Kids Murph at 8:30am.

Adults will begin warming up for Murph at 9am. (You are welcome to arrive earlier to cheer on the kids or get additional warmup.)

If you want to bring a friend or family member to participate in Murph, they must create a profile and sign the waiver. The drop-in fee is $25. 

We will do a warmup together, brief the workout, and then give you time to set up your equipment.

There’s several different versions of Murph available for your skill or experience level. Murph with vest, full Murph, half Murph, quarter Murph, Murph with modified movements, etc. 

Quarter Murph takes about 20-25 minutes, half Murph 30-40 minutes, full Murph 60-70 minutes. 

There will be no banded pull ups. The pull up options are chin over bar pull ups, jumping pull ups, or ring rows. 

Incline pushups will be performed on a box. 

Be sure to use full range of motion on all the reps. For this workout, you’re not just cutting yourself short, but the intent of this workout and what it means. 

We will take a group picture before we start the run portion of the workout. 

The 1-mile run is out the garage door, cross over Creek Park Drive and take a right on the sidewalk towards Brogdon Road. Turn left on Brogdon and use the sidewalk or edge of the street for half a mile. You will turn around when you reach the building with Adrenaline Climbing and Creighton Mixed Martial Arts. Run to the cone and turn around. 

If you’re doing Half Murph or Quarter Murph, you can run laps around the building. For Half Murph, run four laps, and Quarter Murph run two laps. 

We anticipate a large gathering for Murph. Plan to share a pull up bar with one or two other people. 

After the workout, please give your time to the coach at the whiteboard. 

Help commemorate your accomplishment by signing the Murph banging hanging on the wall.

Please help keep the gym clean and clean up any mess around you, including chalk, spilled water, sweat stains, etc. We have disinfectant wipes and paper towels to help with the clean up. 

Celebrate your accomplishment by getting a picture of yourself with the ‘I finished Murph’ sign. 

Arti’s Ice Cream and Snow Cone truck will be at the gym around 10am for a nice treat for when you finish. 

We will have a potluck style cookout from 10:30-11:15am. Please bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert. 
If you have additional questions or concerns, please reachout to Coach Brandon at brandon@noexcusescrossfit.com.