C-WOD Friday 9.21.12

C-WOD’ers, you have a couple options.  If you are signed up for the paleo challenge then you can do Christine today and get that out of the way.  If not, proceed to squats, snatch and clean and jerk.  If you want to do both, by all means…enjoy!


500 m Row
21 Deadlifts (Bodyweight)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)


1.  Dynamic Box Squats
6 x 2, @ 60% plus band tension – Set the box at 1″ below parallel.  These are still about SPEED.  If the weight isn’t moving fast decrease the load.  
2.  Snatch
6×2 at 70%, OTM
3.  Clean and Jerk
6×2 at 70%, OTM

4.  3 GIANT SETS of:

A.  Bulgarian Split Squat, 6-8/side.
B.  Reverse Hypers, 20-30 reps
C.  Landmines, 6-8/side. – If you don’t have a landmine put the opposite end of the barbell in a corner.  
Go through A-B-C without resting between movements.  Rest as needed between sets.