C-WOD Friday 9.28.12

1.  Weighted Box Jumps
6×2, with dumbbells in each hand jump onto a 20″ box.  – Try to jump up, rather than landing in a deep squat.  

2. Snatch 
9×1@75%, OTM

3.  Clean and Jerk
9×1@75%, OTM

4.  5 Rounds of:
50m Heavy Sled Drag – Heavy enough that is forces a walk.  If you can run it’s too light.
15 GHD Sit ups

Rest about 2 minutes between rounds.
On the sled drags choose a weight that is right for you.  Try to keep your torso more upright and “heel to toe” as you walk.  This doesn’t make it easier, but results in more posterior chain engagement, which is what we are after in this WOD.  Remember we are not always after faster times and better scores.  Sometimes its about the stimulus not the score.