C-WOD Thursday, August 2, 2012.

1.  100m Sprint
10 x 100m, OTM
Record the fastest and slowest time.

2.  1000 m Run
1000 meter Run, easy – Start this “on the minute” following the final 100m Sprint.

After the Run take 5 minutes to warn up for the Bench.

3.  Bench Press
Complete one set for Max Reps.
Beasts:  205/125
Ninjas:  175/ 105
Rest 2 minutes then complete the same number of reps as fast as possible.

Record the weight and reps for the first set, and the time for the second set.
Example, on the first set you get 19 reps at 205.  Rest 2 minutes and then do another set of 19 as fast as possible.  The score would look like this; 205×19, 1:34

4.  1000 m Run
1000 meter Run, easy – Start this immediately following the bench press.

5.  Band Pull aparts
4 x 8-12

Here is some instruction before you begin from some of the best in the game!