C-WOD Wednesday 9.26.12

1.  Bench Press
A.  work up to a 3RM
B.  work up to a 10RM

2.  OTM x 16
ODD: 3-6 reps of Elevated HSPU – Ninjas use parallettes, Beasts use plates
EVEN: 3-8 reps of C2B
If you need to work on strength do the HSPU and C2B strict.  If you need to work on skill/coordination do the HSPU and C2B as kipping.  This is a goat session – better to get less reps and work on a weakness.

3.  Giant Set x 3
A.  Strict Bent Over Rows, 6-8 reps
B.  Banded Triceps Push downs, 15-20 reps
B.  Band Pull aparts
No rest between movements, rest as needed between sets.