C-WOD Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

1.  Power Cleans
10 sets of 3 unbroken “Touch-N-Go” Power Cleans, OTM

2.  “Black & Blue”
5 RFT:
10 Power Cleans 135,95
10 Burpees

3.  Recovery Row
Row 7 minutes easy, no straps and no monitor.

Your Words and Thoughts have a powerful impact on your physical actions.  One of my mentors, Roger Swims, taught me this way:  T.C.A.R.  (Your Thoughts Create your Choices which create your Actions which give you your Results) Are you really wanting to compete in the Games Next year?!  You must believe it first before this occurs.  Your beliefs shape your worldview and therefore your daily thoughts and actions.  This is what will become of your life.  Here is the one question that many of us seem to avoid regularly.  What is my purpose on this earth?  Answer that and begin to set goals that are in accordance of your answer.