C-WOD Wednesday August 15, 2012

1.  Push Press
Work up to a 3 RM

2.  Ring Push ups
1 set close to failure – Leave 1-2 in the tank
1 set to failure
Rings should be set at 1″ off the floor.  Be sure your hips travel the same distance as your shoulders and at the same time.

3.  Pulling Superset
A.  Pull up Rows, 3 x 6-12 – these are essentially a belly button to bar pull up, we are looking for the horizontal row action.  If you aren’t even close sub barbell bent over rows. 
B.  Bent over Reverse Flyes, 3 x 8-12 – yep, old school body building reverse flyes.  Keep it light and controlled.

4.  Snatch Grip Shrugs
3 x 8 – these can be dynamic, aka – use your hips.  Keep the scapula retracted.  Straps are OK on this one.

5. Triplet
9-6-3 of:
Elevated HSPU – you choose the height; one or two plates or parallettes.
Muscle ups


check out these bad-to-the-bone guys and gals! nice job with the sled pulls last week!

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