30-day Nutrition Throwdown

30 Day Challenge (1)


30-day challenge Nutrition Throwdown

This Nutrition Throwdown will be different than some of the others in the past. It will be a partner challenge that is book club style. We will be using the book Practical Paleo, which will be included in your sign-up fee. 

Practical Paleo is a great resource as it informs us about the types of foods we should eat along with providing recipes and meal plans. 

Since this will be a 30-day challenge, there will be no body fat test truck. You typically don’t see much of a body composition change in 30 days as it usually takes 60-90 days. 

We will do a baseline WOD at the beginning of the challenge and at the end. There will be weekly seminars like in the past, but they will cover the book. 

The 30-day Nutrition Throwdown will be from Wednesday, July 8 through Thursday, August 6.

The cost is $40, which includes the Practical Paleo book.

 Contact brandon@noexcusescrossfit.com for more info.