6 Winter Workout Tips

It was cold, I was tired, and I was ready to get the workout over with before I even started it.

I set up all my equipment, started the clock, and began my workout. No practicing the movements, I just started going.

The workout started out well and then I got to handstand push ups. It was only six, I thought. But as I did the first one, it took everything I had to get that rep. Then I tried another one and it was just as hard. The third one I failed and I began to wonder if I should even be doing handstand push ups right now. I struggled my way through the next four reps and my plan was if the second round was hard I would switch to something else.

In the second round, I got two in a row and the next four were done pretty quickly. By the third round I did five in a row and in the fourth round I did all six in a row.

The workout was over and the last round was easier than the first round. It shouldn’t have been that way. It was like that because I didn’t take an extra five minutes to get my body ready. I may have been able to do that in the summertime when my body is warmer, but in the winter we need more prep.

We also need to be prepared for winter workouts, so here’s my six tips to help you.

Warm-up to a light sweat
In the summertime you might be able to get away with no warm up and just hoping into a workout because of the warmer temperatures.
That’s not the case in the winter time. You need a good warm-up that involves some blood flow and breaking a light sweat. This means that your muscles are warm and are ready for action.

Wear layers
You want to wear layers that are easy to take off when working out when it’s cold. As you go through your warm up or as your body gets warm, take off the layers. If you leave all the layers on, the first shirt will get wet and eventually make you cold. So be sure to remove the layers as necessary.

Protect your skin
In the wintertime the cold air is dry and your skin can take a beating. If your hands are dry from the cold and then you use a lot of chalk, you’re more likely to tear the skin. So be sure to wash your hands after working out and use hand moisturizer.

Prime your body for the movements
Before doing a workout, make sure you’re able to do the movements or the weight. You don’t want to find out in the middle of the workout. So before the workout starts, do some practice reps or build up to the weight you want to use. If the workout requires a lot of heavy breathing, get your heart rate up. This will help avoid the shock to the lungs when you start breathing in the cold air very fast.

Drink water
In the wintertime it’s easy to forget to drink water because it’s not as hot outside. However, your body is still sweating and needs water.

Put on dry clothes when you’re done
You just did an awesome workout and your once cold body is now really warm. But your shirt is now wet. To walk outside in 30-40 degree temperatures is not ideal. Nor is it to leave the wet shirt on, run an errand, go home and make dinner, and then finally change. Before you leave the gym, change from your wet clothes to dry clothes. This will reduce the risk of your body temperature dropping and getting sick.