Has a kettlebell changed your life?

I know it sounds kind of odd, but has a kettlebell changed your life?

Has a rower made you a better person?

Did a barbell make you go to the gym?

The answer to all three questions is probably the same — No.

No, a kettlebell didn’t change your life and a rower didn’t make you a better person, nor did a barbell make you want to go to the gym. These are all objects. They are disposable and replaceable. It doesn’t matter if they are new or used, they are just objects.

But what did change your life is going to an environment where these objects exist like No Excuses CrossFit. A place where you can be seen, be respected, and have dignity.

At No Excuses, our mission is to create a fitness environment where you are successful, safe, and supported. We do this by providing a fun and inclusive atmosphere where you build relationships that last a lifetime.

We want to guide every member towards feeling good about working out.

Sure, we will use kettlebells, rowers, and barbells in our group fitness classes and personal training. But these are just a means to the end.

We want you to be successful at No Excuses. This could mean getting stronger, losing weight, maintaining a certain body composition, or feeling good about yourself. Whatever success means to you, we want to help you achieve it.

We want you to be safe. We want you to walk in our doors and know you are safe from injury, safe from others, safe from illness.

We want to support you. We want to cheer you on and give you a hi-five or fist bump. We want to listen to you when you are struggling and encourage you when you are down on yourself. Because when you succeed, others succeed, the gym succeeds and our community succeeds.

We try to help you be successful, safe, and supported by making the gym a fun place to spend the best hour of your day. A place that’s inclusive for all no matter your race, age, or gender. A place where you can build meaningful relationships.

And we have been doing that for nearly 12 years in Suwanee. We are thankful for everyone that has stepped through our doors and those that will in the future.