If I were Santa

One of the things I enjoy about the Christmas season is all of the holiday movies. All of the movies have different types of Santa’s. Some are traditional looking, some are young, some are really big and some are thin.

If I were to play Santa in a movie, what would that look like?

Would I be like the Santa actor Tim Allen plays in The Santa Clause or like Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa?

I think I would want to create my own kind of Santa. Or better yet, call myself Fitness Claus.

I would be the Santa that instead of spreading Christmas cheer was spreading fitness gear.

If I were Santa, I would give double unders, muscle ups and a bodyweight weight snatch to the kids that were good. Burpees, assault bike sprints, and sled pushes for the kids that were bad.

If I were Santa, I would want everyone to have the gift of fitness. To be able to live an active lifestyle and have no doubt about being able to walk, run, swim, bike, play, or hike.

If I were Santa, I would want children to leave me a smoothie and protein cookies.

My reindeer would be as strong as powerlifters, as graceful as gymnasts, and as skilled as weightlifters.

If I were Santa, I would want you to know that I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

— Brandon