In the Kitchen with Coach Laura

Hey there lean, mean, CrossFit machines!   If you didn’t know, I LOVE to cook.  This is a recipe I have thrown together a few times and love so I wanted to share for today’s Paleo post!

On the menu: Andouille Sausage with Onions and Peppers Super easy and very tasty!  Special note on the spices…I usually don’t measure them, I just add what looks right and then I go off of taste and smell.  I tried to approximate the amounts for you, but if you want more or less…go with it! Also, I only had one pepper, one onion and one pack of sausage on hand but you could most certainly double this up.  The amount here probably feeds four normal people who are scared of dietary fat, maybe just two CrossFitters, and only one Chris Crowder so adjust accordingly.

Foodstuffs you need:

1 Tbsp of coconut oil
1 Large Onion sliced into strips
1 Green Bell Pepper sliced into strips
1 clove of garlic minced or through a press
1 pack of Aidells Andouille Sausage cut into coins
~1 tsp garlic powder
~1/2 tsp paprika
~2 tsp of dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Aidells is a pretty paleo-friendly brand. A bit of sugar, but no MSG, nitrites, hormones or gluten.

Let’s Get Cookin’:

Heat your coconut oil over medium heat in a stove top pan that has a lid (you’re going to cover this later).  After a couple minutes, add your onions and peppers.  They should kind of sizzle when they hit the pan.  Let those cook for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add your garlic and keep everything moving.

Once you can tell the peppers are getting soft and the onions are becoming more translucent, add your spices and incorporate.

Let that cook together for a bit and then throw the chopped sausages in the pan and move those bad boys around for about 2-3 minutes.  The Aidells sausages are precooked, so basically  you are just heating them through, which doesn’t take long because you already sliced them! (you are so smart) OK, at this point I like to add a teeny bit of water (maybe a tablespoon?) to the pan and then immediately cover. This kinda steams everything up in there and makes a little bit of a sauce. At this point you can turn your heat to low and leave covered for about 5-8 minutes.  Take off the lid and voila!  Enjoy!

Let me know how it goes!  What other Paleo foods would you like to see incorporated into recipes?