Our mission and vision

At No Excuses CrossFit, our vision is to guide every member towards feeling good about working out.

We don’t want you to feel like you have to go to the gym. Instead we want you to feel like you want to go to the gym. We want you to feel excited about improving your physical fitness and to not make it a chore.

The way we execute our vision is through our mission, which is to create a fitness environment where you are successful, safe and supported. We do this by providing a fun and inclusive atmosphere where you build relationships that last a lifetime.

We want you to be successful and when you are and we want to share it with everyone. That’s why we have Bright Sport Friday in our No Excuses CrossFit members Facebook group and we have Shoutout Sunday on Instagram.

We want you to be safe, which is we have certified trainers and offer scaling options for every fitness level.

We want to support you. When you need to talk, we are here. When you are feeling down, we are here to lift you up.

To our current members, we love having you at the gym! You make coaching so much fun and challenging. We love helping you do things in the gym you didn’t think were possible. We want you to be a part of No Excuses CrossFit forever.

To our former members, we miss you. We miss seeing you walk in the gym, we miss watching you succeed, we miss seeing you walk out the door with confidence. Whenever you are ready, you are welcome back at No Excuses CrossFit.

To our future members, we are ready for you. We are here to help you. We want to give you a plan to tackle your goals and feel successful. When you’re ready to take the next step, contact us and let us know.

That is our vision. That is our mission. That is who we are at No Excuses CrossFit.

Coach Brandon