Some good that came from COVID

This year has been interesting, to say the least. The COVID pandemic has brought many challenges to each of us, including businesses.

Nearly every business has had to change something about how they operate and No Excuses CrossFit is no exception.

But those changes can be good and for the better. The last six months have forced No Excuses to reexamine how we operate. What is working, what is not, and what can be improved.

We started with how members sign up for classes. Instead of logging in at the iPad when you arrive at the gym, it is done prior to coming to the gym from your mobile device or computer. Pre-registering for class allows us to keep classes from being too big. It also helps the coaches prepare for the class better by knowing who will be there and might need modifications, or where to set up the equipment to make the class run efficiently.

Next, we took away the whiteboard briefing. Let’s be honest, people were late to class and missed the briefing, zoned out listening to the coach, or just did better reading something than hearing about it. So now we print out the workout for each person and have it ready for them in their workout area.

Each person has a designated workout area with a barbell, bumper plates, and rower close to them. This not only saves time from having to walk across the gym to get equipment, but it also keeps everyone in their workout square.

By removing the workout briefing and having equipment close to the athlete, this has created an additional 8-11 minutes that allows us to do more work in class. We can do a prep for the class, a strength component, a skill piece, and the conditioning workout all in a 60-minute class time.

With disinfectant wipes available throughout the gym, it makes it convenient for everyone to wipe down their equipment after using it. This helps reduce the spread of germs and viruses, allowing our members to remain healthy and strong.

The COVID pandemic has not been easy. But it has made No Excuses CrossFit a better gym to serve its members.