Spirit of the Open 23.2: Eli Bousarkis

Each year at the CrossFit Games, they honor someone with the Spirit of the Games award. This honor goes to the ‘athlete who embodies the spirit of the sport.’

Each week during the CrossFit Open, No Excuses CrossFit will recognize a member it feels represents the Spirit of the Games. This week’s honor goes to ….

Eli Bousarkis is the lifeblood of the Midday Team. He’s always there to encourage, push, and cheer on his fellow teammates. Whether that’s a friendly ‘let’s go 12:30’, a pat on the back, or encouraging someone to try something new. Eli is always there for support.

“He goes out of his way to encourage and help,” No Excuses CrossFit coach Christine Doran said.

This is the second time in his CrossFit Open career that Eli has been recognized as Spirit of the Open. He received the honor in 2016 for Open 16.4.