What if your mind and body worked together?

Your body loves adversity.

Your body evolves. When it has to work harder, it gets stronger. When it has to process food more quickly, your metabolism ramps up. When it feels starved, it ramps up your metabolism. When there’s some extra in the pantry, your body stores it for a rainy day. When it’s cold, your body warms itself. When it’s hot, it can cool itself down.

One little problem: your brain HATES adversity.

Your brain avoids all of that stuff like — well, literally like the plague.

Your brain wants you to sit down and rest. Your brain doesn’t care if your body loses its ability to move, or stores too much fat, or loses its sensitivity to insulin…it just wants to feel good right now. Your brain will tell you stories about “one more chip won’t hurt” and “exercise is painful”. Because your brain hates challenge and adversity.

Your brain loves short-term rewards. It LOVES sugar and simple carbs and hitting the beach without sunscreen. As evolved and smart as your brain is, it’s not much of a planner.

Most of the stuff your body loves, your brain hates. And vise versa. This isn’t new: philosophical schools have been talking about the “mind-body connection” and finding “balance” and “harmony” for literally thousands of years.

But I say: balance isn’t enough.

Balance causes stress. Balance achieves equilibrium. Balance equates to average. And ‘average’ won’t help you live longer or better.

What if your mind and body got on the same damn team?

This week, I’m going to share tips and tactics to get everything working together, instead of fighting yourself, procrastinating, or dreading your workouts or nutrition plan.

I’m going to teach you some strategies called:

•Habit stacking

•Pareto plan

•How to Bring Everything Together

•The “Connect-3” strategy for unbeatable accountability

…and more!

I’ll send you the strategies starting tomorrow. Can’t wait? Book a free consultation here.