What to Eat Before a Competition?

First thing what NOT to do is avoid eating!

Food is your friend, especially when it comes to competition prep. Follow these simple tips!

Fueling up the night before your competition is a great way to increase energy stores that you will utilize the next day. During this meal you want to load up on high fiber carbs (whole grains) and also combine
the meal with some lean protein and fat. Avoid foods high in saturated fat (red meats, cheeses etc.) and highly processed foods that will upset your digestive system. Remember to drink PLENTY of water as well so you wake up hydrated on the day of the competition.

The morning of you do want to get a solid meal in however make sure it is enough time before the competition to be fully digested. This is usually at least 2-3 hours before hand. This meal should consist
of carbs, protein, and fat as well. The carbs should be a mixture of both high and low fiber. For example some oatmeal along with some applesauce or peach cups as opposed to eating a full apple with skin.
Keep the fat to a healthy fat such as nut butter instead of a piece of bacon. Continue to drink PLENTY of water!

30 minutes before the competition is starting stick to simple carbs. Keep it to 15-45 grams, depending on your weight. Men will need more than women. Some simple carb ideas include bananas, applesauce,
Lara Bars. Water is still your friend.

Immediately following your workout you want to consume a protein and carb source. 20-40 grams of protein depending on your size. This can be a protein drink but keep in mind usually the powders are not
a carb source so you can mix it with milk. Another good options would be ½ of a PB and J, a piece of fresh fruit, some pretzels or other whole grain source.

For the remainder of the day it is ok to be more relaxed about your intake if you want to celebrate with friends. This does not mean you have to overdo by binging on snacks and foods you usually avoid. Keep
portions small, remember your intuition and just enjoy and have a good time!

Best of luck to all!