Beneficial Supplements for Kids

Top 3 Supplements and added products for CrossFit Kids

1) Fish oil – 5-10 grams of EPA/DHA a day depending on the weight and height of the individual.

Click HERE to find out how many grams you and your child should be taking daily.
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Some IMPORTANT things to take note of when using fish oil:  1)  Store fish oil in the refrigerator after opening. 2) Be sure to take halfway through a meal that has good amounts of fat in it.

2) Vitamin D3 – Take 3000-5000 I.U. a day. – best source that we have found is at Cosco.

3) Magnesium – 300- 600 mg/ a day – Best source is Vitamin Shoppe and the brand is called Natural Calm. ZMA is a good product as well.


Benefits of an Athlete or any person taking Fish oil