Amazing Kids Gymnastic Strength

Gymnastic Bodies

This is an amazing video showing the strength that an individual can possess at such an early age. How does one get to this point in the development of bodyweight strength? I will be covering this topic in the next few Kids blogs so that we can gain a great understanding of how to reach the pinnacle of our strength development.

The first thing to understand when developing a good foundation of strength is that it does not come quickly and when we say quickly, we mean over the coarse of a year or two years. True strength is developed over many years of consistent, small incremental efforts, compounded weekly, monthly and yearly. Starting with the right mindset on strength development is critical to its development. We must teach our kids this! If this is something they want to obtain, they must understand and be willing to put in the effort and work (much sweat) over the long haul. And if they decide to do so, the character that is built from such a dedicated, determined and committed mental state, will carry them through some of life’s greatest challenges!