CrossFIt Kids Fall Schedule released!

Its time for the kids to up their skill level, conditioning level and all around awesomenss this fall with No Excuses CrossFit kids!  If you haven’t signed up your child for this class yet, now is your chance to do so!  If he or she has not tried out a CFK class yet then you may bring them in on any day to give it a go.  If they like it, then we can sign them up.

Here is the fall schedule as it stands.  This may be subject to change if need be.

Monday – 5:20 p.m. 

Wednesday – 5:20 p.m

Thursday – 5:20 p.m. 

We figured this would provide plenty of time for the middle schoolers to get off the bus and get to the gym.  These classes will be approximately 45 minutes in length.  Thats if we don’t have any championship dodgeball games going in overtime!

We look forward to working with your child teaching them the highest levels of fitness all while showing them how FUN it is!