CrossFit Open 16.1 recap

12794831_10153431680998596_23082092233201749_oHere’s the goods news about 16.1. Because of the set up, we will probably never do it again. 

It was a long and tough workout, but there was a lot of good that came out of it. At least four people got their first chest-to-bar pull-up. And several more people did the most C2B in their life.

We had some people that knew they would struggle with the lunges and they exceeded their expectations. That’s the beauty of the Open and being in a competition setting, your body does things your mind didn’t know it could do.

We had 77 people from the gym sign-up for the Open, which is a gym record. We had 66 and 67 the last two years. Our number of participants ranked in the top 15 in the Southeast going into Friday.

We have people competing in every division of the CrossFit Open. From Rx and Scaled to Teens and Masters. More than 40 percent of the gym’s Open participants are doing it for the first time.


77 Number of Open participants from No Excuses CrossFit

36 Average age of No Excuses’ Open participants

32 Number of CrossFit Open rookies

14 Youngest Open participant from No Excuses CrossFit

10 Number of people with three or more years of CrossFit Open experience

3 Number of people that have done every Open workout


Thank you to everyone that bought a ticket for the Qalo ring raffle. The winner was Angie Drexler!


This week’s raffle is four passes to Red Brick Brewing Company’s beer tour. It includes a souvenir tasting glass with each pass. Raffle tickets are $5 each. See Coach Brandon to buy one. The money goes to the North Gwinnett Co-Op.

16.2 FOOD

The menu for 16.2 will be…Taco Night – Carnitas and Pollo with Mole and Guacamole. Cost is $10 per person. Please sign-up by Wednesday at 8 p.m.


Congrats to Deb Walston for winning Week 1 of the Pick The WOD. It’s only $1 to enter and the person closest to the actual WOD (based on point criteria) will win a bag of protein. The money goes to the North Gwinnett Co-Op.


• We need everyone to judge at least one heat on Friday during the Throwdown. The only exception is the Teens. If we don’t have judges, we can’t keep the event running on time. If you’re unable to judge, please find someone to take your spot.

• Speaking of judging, don’t be afraid to no-rep someone if they don’t meet the movement standards. Also, you are not allowed to assist them with their equipment (moving the barbell) unless safety is at risk for the athlete or a nearby athlete.

• We need to do a better job warming up for the Open. We didn’t have a warm-up prepared for y’all last week and that’s our fault. We will have one this week.

• You have to be at the gym to sign-up for a heat. You can’t have a friend or family member sign you up for a heat. While you may have intentions of being at the gym for your heat, something could come up (Atlanta traffic) and you could be late, leaving an unused lane open.

• If you’re not competing or you’re not a judge, we can’t have you on the competition floor. This is for your safety and the athlete’s safety.


Scoring update

Team Laura 512

Team Deb 493

Team Jeremy 421

Team Stacey 419

Top point scorers

Josef Roberts – 72

Lisa Orlandella – 64

Erika Bodden – 61

Michelle Lomax – 60

Deb Walston – 56

Kim Roberts – 50