Friday Night Throwdown teams



The CrossFit Open is this week and the teams have been drafted for Friday Night Throwdown! See below to find out which team you are on this year.

What’s next?

Your team captain should be contacting you within the next 24 hours to make sure you are aware of everything that is going on for Friday Night Throwdown.

What is Friday Night Throwdown again? 

All the details are in this link.

Friday Night Throwdown 2016 FAQ

Can I still get a Friday Night Throwdown T-shirt?

Yes, but you need to sign-up fast or let Coach Brandon know ASAP. He’s placing the order on Monday.

Can I get food at Friday Night Throwdown?

Yes, we will have food available from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Cost is $10 per person. You must sign-up by Wednesday.

Is there a Friday Night Throwdown Facebook page?

Yes. Please post your scores, comments, questions, photos, etc. on Friday Night Throwdown page and not the members page.


Team Stacey Team Laura Team Jeremy Team Deb
Adam P. Abi G. Barbara P. Cindi H.
Angie D. Bond N. Catherine L. Dennis S.
Bill B. Desta L. Christen F. Erika B.
Bob S. Eric U. Glen W. Geoff C.
Bryan B. Fumao S. Jonas W. Greg H.
Derek H. Jeff P. Jose V. Hilario G.
Eli B. Josef R. Justin F. Jackson P.
Greg C. Kaylee T. Ken L. Jami P.
Jeff W. Lilly V. Kim R. Jay B.
Jon O. Luis F. Kyle B. Jennifer S.
JT O. Luke E. Leslie B. Lori P.
Kanisha B. Mario M. Mathew S. Nicole C.
Laura O. Matt Z. Mike M. Nubia D.
Lisa O. Melissa P. Orlando G. Patrick H.
Michele B. Michelle L. Scot P. Rick C.
Nicole W. Michelle S. Stephane W. Scott E.
Sam E. Mike J. Trevor E. Tyler J.
Stephanie P. Ward W. Vanessa W.

If you missed the draft or don’t see your name on a team, please contact Coach Brandon and he will get you on team.