Hugo Open 2015: FAQ

We’ve received several questions from our members about the upcoming Hugo Open on Saturday, August 22nd. Hopefully, this FAQ will answer most of your questions.Hugo-Open

1.  What is the Hugo Open?

The Hugo Open is a friendly competition for our No Excuses community. Unlike most CrossFit competitions, the Hugo Open is not open to members from other gyms. It is a day of fun, friendly workouts and competition for you and your fellow No Excuses CrossFit members. Afterwards, we’ll eat lunch!

2.  How do I register?

Registration is simple. Get your team together and then see a coach to fill out your registration form. We’ll charge the registration fee to your account. $15 gets you registered for the Hugo Open and gets you a competitor t-shirt. $25 gets you the competition, t-shirt, and lunch.

3. I’ve never competed before. Should I participate in the Hugo Open?

YES!!! The Hugo Open has been designed specifically with you in mind. There is no better way to experience your first CrossFit competition than with your No Excuses family! The workouts have been designed to be fun, friendly, and doable. Will they be hard? Yes. Will you get a great workout? Without a doubt. Can you compete? Absolutely!

4. Will childcare be provided?

We are tentatively set to have childcare available from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

5. What division should I compete in? Scaled or Rx?

Once you see the WOD’s when they are announced Saturday, August 8th you’ll be able to decide which division makes the most sense for your team. Rx competitors should be able to OHS (105/65), box jumps (24/20), wall balls (20/14), and thrusters (95/65), pull ups, toes to bar. Scaled division will contain identical movements at lighter loads.

6. What if I can’t do all the movements Rx?

This is a team competition. If you are unable to do a movement, your teammates can tackle that part of the workout. You can do other parts of the workout. For example, If you can’t do pull ups, but another teammate can, they can do the pull-ups and you might take the bulk of another movement.

7. Can my friends and family watch?

By all means, yes. Competitions are much more fun when friends and family are there to cheer you on. Heats will be happening every 15 minutes beginning at 9:00 am. There will be plenty of action to keep them entertained. We’ll have some seating available, but spectators are encouraged to bring chairs.

8. What does my registration fee cover?

The $15 registration (per person) includes 3 WODs and a competitor t-shirt. The $25 registration (per person) includes 3 wods, t-shirt, and lunch.

9. What is for lunch?

Lunch is being provided by Fresh N Fit Cuisine. After the competition has ended (approximately 12:30 pm), we’ll enjoy a variety of healthy foods prepared by the Fresh N Fit Cuisine chef. If you are competing, $25 includes your competitor t-shirt and lunch. Lunch is $12 per person for other non-competitors. Be sure to buy food tickets for friends and family that will be coming to cheer you on. Lunch tickets must be purchased by Monday, August 10.

10.What are the workouts?

You’ll find out Saturday, August 8th. Until then, here’s some clues: WOD 1 has two scoring pieces, WOD 2 is a chipper, and WOD 3 is a 12 minute AMRAP.

11. I don’t have a team. Can I still compete?

Yes, contact Coach Brandon and he can help you find a team.