Hugo Open draws 62 competitors


SUWANEE — No Excuses CrossFit hosted the inaugural Hugo Open on Saturday. The competition featured 62 athletes on 16 teams in Rx and Scaled divisions.
Hair vs. Skin won the Rx division, while Beauties and The Beast won the Scaled division.
The competition, which was only for No Excuses CrossFit members, featured three WODs. The first WOD ‘Popeye’ was three rounds for time of 30 deadlifts and 30 box jumps. Reps were only counted when a 100-pound object was lifted off the ground.
WOD 2 was ‘Tomahawk’ which featured 75 reps of the following movements: wall balls, pull ups, sit ups, double unders and burpees.
WOD 3 was a grueling 15 minute AMRAP called ‘Sled Hell’, which consisted of 10 snatches, 15 thrusters and a 300-pound sled push/pull for 20 meters.
Hair vs. Skin team members JT Odom, Carlos Gonzalez, Josh Dobeck and Brandon Brigman were second in Popeye and Tomahawk and first in Sled Hell.Rx
Fantastic 4, which featured Mathew Shamloo, Jennifer Shamloo, Dodson Strawbridge and Scot Poore, placed second. Fantastic 4 was fourth in Popeye, first in Tomahawk and second in Sled Hell.
Team Julian showed age is just a number by placing third. Team members Greg Hayes, Paul Whaley, Rick Clements and Dave Nasser won Popeye, were eighth in Tomahawk and rallied in the final WOD during Sled Hell to take third.
In the scaled division, the powerlifting national champion mother-daughter duo of Cathy and Lydia Mele teamed up with Todd and Kim Guthrie to take first place for Beauties and The Beast. The team placed first in Popeye, Tomahawk and Sled Hell.
TGIFran, which featured Armando Wirshing, Derek Holland, Justin Burns and Adam Perillo, placed second in the scaled division. They were third in Popeye, fourth in Tomahawk and second in Sled Hell. It was an impressive showing for the team, considering Justin and Adam graduated from Foundations this summer.Scaled
Baby Makers and Booty Shakers placed third in the scaled division after placing second in Popeye, second in Tomahawk and fourth in Sled Hell. The team featured Leslie Brigman and Stacey Odom, who are pregnant, and Jami Poore and Erika Bodden.