No Excuses CrossFit Summer Series


No Excuses CrossFit Summer Series

When: Saturday in June & July

Where: No Excuses CrossFit

Who: No Excuses CrossFit members

Gather your friends and workout partners for a friendly summer competition. Each Saturday during the summer, starting on June 4, your team will compete against another team at No Excuses CrossFit. Attend the Saturday class like your normally would and the score you post to the whiteboard will be part of your team’s score. The team with the lowest time or the most reps for the week will earn first-place points. At the end of the summer, the team with the most points will be crowned the Summer Series champion!


Q: How do we assemble a team?

A: Ask your friends or workout partners that frequently attend Saturday’s classes if they want to be on a team. Send your team members and team name to

Q: How many people are on a team?

A: You can have six people on a team, but only four scores count each week. It will be your top two Essentials and Fitness/Performance scores.

Q: Who can be on a team?

You can have three Essentials (male or female) and three Fitness/Performance (male or female) on a team.

Q: Why are there six people on a team, but only four scores count?

A: The two additional people are meant as subs. It’s the summer time, so people will be on vacation, at weddings, have other commitments, so it’s not realistic for someone to be available every Saturday all summer.

Q: What if my team only has three people available one week?

A: All three will do the WOD and the lowest score for the week plus one second or one rep will be added for the fourth person.

Q: How do you determine the scores for each week?

A: We will take each person’s time or rounds from the whiteboard and add them together.

For example:

Fran – 10:25

Cindy – 11:13

Murph – 9:26

Randy – 9:58

TOTAL – 41:02


Fran – 5+2

Cindy – 5+3

Murph – 6+1

Randy – 6+5

Total – 22+11

Q: Do we have to do the WODs on Saturday, or can we do it on another day?

A: No, the WODs must be performed on Saturday during class times.

Q: Do all the team members have to attend the same class time and do the WOD together?

A: No, everyone doesn’t have to be at the same class time. However, it would be ideal for moral and support if you all did it together. ***The only exception is on Bring A Friend day (June 4) when the WOD will be a team WOD. All team members must workout at the same time.***

Q: Can an Essentials and Fitness person be on a team with a Performance person?

A: Yes. You must have at least two Essentials people (male or female) on your team.

Q: What if I’m in Essentials, but move up to Fitness during Benchmark Week?

A: You will still do the Essentials WOD for the Summer Series on Saturday, but will follow the Fitness programming during the week.

Q: When will the Summer Series workouts be released?

A: Friday evening. Just like Saturday’s WODs are now.

Q: What’s the scoring for teams each week?


1st place – 100 points

2nd place – 94 points

3rd place – 88 points

4th place – 84 points

5th place – 80 points

Q: What’s the schedule for the Summer Series?


Saturday, June 4

Saturday, June 11

Saturday, June 18

Saturday, June 25

Saturday, July 2 – All-Star break (no competition)

Saturday, July 9

Saturday, July 16

Saturday, July 23

Saturday, July 30

Have more questions or concerns? E-mail Coach Brandon at