Powerlifting class begins in January


Powerlifting Class
(Bench press, Deadlift, Squat)

How long: 12-week class

When: Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Starts: Tuesday, Jan. 5
Finish: Thursday, March 24

Cost: $107 a month or $289 paid in full

Goals: Must submit your goal for the class to Coach Cathy prior to starting, so she can help you reach your goal. You goal could be to improve your back squat or deadlift, to win a powerlifting meet, to learn more about the sport, etc.

About Coach Cathy:
• Two-time national champion (2013, 2015)
• 2014 World Championships total bronze medalist
• 2014 World Championships deadlift silver medalist
• 2016 National team member
• Current American Records (45-49yo); deadlift 358 pounds at 123-pound bodyweight and deadlift 369 pounds at 133 bodyweight
• Current Georgia state records; Open (all ages) deadlift at 125-pound bodyweight and and 138-pound bodyweight; (45-49yo) squat, bench, and deadlift records at 125-and 138-pound bodyweight
• Certified USA Powerlifting Club level coach, certified CrossFit Level-1, certified CrossFit Kid

Note: If you plan to do CrossFit and the Powerlifting class, you may need to scale back on the weight or reps in the CrossFit class when it comes to the powerlifting movements. Please see a coach for the appropriate scaling or modification.

Sign-up: Contact Coach Brandon to get signed up.