Monday, April 23 2012 O-Lifting WOD


Hang Squat Clean  3x3 Max Load (2min rest)

High Bar Back Squat 5×3 77% (2min rest)

Jerk Squat 5×3 115% (60sec rest)

Muscle Snatch 5×3 40% (30sec rest)


5 Rounds For Time:

20 U.B. Double Unders

10 Dumb Bell Hang Snatch 55/35 (5 each arm)

2 Muscle Ups

90sec rest

*Note*  The U.B. mean unbroken and the Dumb Bell has to switch hands after every rep.  If you don’t have Muscle Ups yet then you need to stay after and practice, during the WOD you then will be doing 4 Chest to bar Pull-Ups.