Monday, August 20th, 2012 O-Lifting

1. Muscle snatch+OHS(pause 5sec)+Push Snatch(pause 5sec) 3×2+2+2 @30-40% rest 60 sec 
2. Snatch off high blocks at hip height  7×3 Light to medium rest 60sec
3a. Heaving snatch Balance 3×5 Heavy as possible rest 60sec
3b. Snatch Pulls 3×3 90-100%rest 60sec
4. Back squat 20reps @ 90lbs less than the 5 rep max we did 8/15/12
Mid Line
2min pistol squat practice
1min max rep strict toes to bar
1min max rep right arm kb OHS 55/35
1min max rep left arm kb OHS 55/35
1min max work chin over bar hold
2 min easy recovery row
*This is not suppose to be done back to back, rest as needed between movements*