Monday, November 5th 2012 O-Lifting Week-1

This is a new 12 week cycle which means we will have some new faces so I’m going to kind of explain how things work.  The first 4 weeks is all about correcting and perfecting, we will stay with light loads on high skilled movements and build some strength on basic exercises like the squat and push press.  The second 4 weeks is designed around a combination of both skill work and heavier weight, not maximal yet.  We will still work on technique but now test it with just a little heavier load.  Also still building that strength like the first 4 weeks.  The last 4 week is an all out implementation phase.  Heavy all the time working the full movement but keeping the rep count a little lower so that eventually we can get to those  maxes at the end.  Another thing to mention is the Skill or Mid-line work that you will sometime see at the end, this is designed for you to stay after class or do the following day by yourself.  If there is any question on the movements I will try to post a video to explain it.  The biggest thing is have fun with this because in the big picture all it is is exercise.


Snatch Complex – (1 Muscle Snatch+1 Power Snatch+1 Over Head Squat+1 Snatch Balance) 5×2 Light Load (60% and Under), Rest 60 sec

Snatch From High Blocks at Hip – 5×1 Light Load, Rest 90sec

Front Squat – 5×3 @ 80%, Rest 90sec



5min AMRAP

6 Dumb Bell Snatches – 3 each arm alternating each rep

6 Dumb Bell Hang Power cleans

6 Dumb Bell Push Jerks

*Dumb Bell Combined weight should be 35-40% of your Max Clean – Example: 250lb Clean = 88-100lbs = 2×44 – 2x50lb Dumb Bells.  Kettle Bells are exceptable too.



10 Right Arm TGU  Demo Video

10 Left Arm TGU

10 Right Arm KB Windmills  Demo Video

10 Left Arm KB Windmills

10 Right Arm Plank KB Snatch  Demo Video  Not the best, but the only one I could find

10 Left Arm Plank KB Snatch

*This is not for time!  Choose a weight that you can do all 10 reps unbroken with.  Yes, different exercises can be different weights.  Rest as need between movements but try move from one to the other pretty smoothly.