Monday, September 10th, 2012 O-Lifting

1. High hang snatch+OH Squat (5 sec pause on OHS)5×2+1 Medium to Heavy, Rest 90sec
2. Squat 20 reps @ 45lbs Less than our 5RM from 8/15/12 or 15lbs more than last week
3a. Snatch Pulls 3x 3 heavy as possible, Rest 60sec
3b. Heaving snatch balance 3x 3 heavy as possible, Rest 60sec
5 rounds each for time:
4 Burpee box jumps 30/24
6 Power snatches 135/95
8 Cheat to bar pull ups
Rest 2min between rounds
Mid line
10 Bar bell Turkish get ups 65/45
20 Strict toes to bar
30 GHD sit ups
*This is not for time, rest as needed between movements to ensure that you come as close as possible to unbroken on each.  Then again 5min is way to long to rest so be smart.*