New Olympic Lifting Cycle Starts February 11th!!!

The 12 week Olympic Lifting Class will begin a new cycle and is now being offered at two times: Monday and Wednesday- 11am or 6:20pm. This is a great opportunity to focus on improving your snatch and clean and jerk, thereby getting stronger at other lifts as well. The 11am class will be taught by Coach Laura (USAW Olympic weight lifting coach) and the 6:20pm will be taught by Coach Chris (USAW Olympic weight lifting coach).

Here are a couple FAQs in considering joining the class:

1. If I am new to Olympic Lifts can I do this class OR I have been doing these lifts for a long time, is this class right for me?

Yes and yes, this class will improve anyone at any level. It’s for the beginner that needs to understand the concept of the lifts to the person who needs those small nuances fixed. All movements are based off of percentages of your current lifts or are to self-feel. Remember no matter how new or experienced you are at the lifts, being under watchful eyes will always help you improve.

2. What is the cost of this class?

You have 2 options: pay 4 weeks at a time (3 payments of $104) OR pay in full for all 12 weeks and get a 10% discount ($280.80).

2. Can I just attend a few random classes and pay for those individual classes attended?

The program is designed to progress over the course of a 12 week period so random attendance will have no real benefit long-term for your improvement. With that being said certain situations always come up so as long as there is consistency we can work with you.

3. Can I do the morning class one day and the night class the other?

Yes, it is the same programming so attend whichever class works best for you that day.

4. What is this program design you’re talking about?

There are 3 phases to this class:
-The first 4 weeks is high- skill low weight. For example, we will frequently work off blocks or from the hang as well as other movements that complement the Oly Lifts.
-The next 4 weeks is still high skill- moderate load. We will take these movements and begin increasing the weight.
-The final 4 weeks is heavy load- low volume based focusing on the full OLY movements.
-Throughout the entire 12 weeks we will be working on other strength movements as well: squat, dead lift, push press, and so on.

5. What about my conditioning?

There will be a conditioning component to every class- typically a short AMRAP or a EMOM.

6. How will this improve other areas of my Crossfitting?

Olympic lifts are some of the most complex and neurological movements and tend to slow people down. By improving at the lifts, you will be able to crossfit to a higher level and thus get better results. Also, because there is such a high level of neurological portion (brain to muscle) to these lifts, other movements will get better as well- your double under and kipping pull ups just to name a few.

If you have any more question or would like to sign up for the class please contact Chris Fischer at or Laura Moore at