Wednesday January 2nd 2013 O-Lifting Week 8


Back Squat 5×2 @93% Rest 2min

Snatch 60%x3 – 65%x3 – 75%x2 – 85%x1 – 90%x1 Rest 90sec

*These are not touch and go reps but get back on the bar ASAP*

Low Hang Squat Clean Below the Knees OTM 6×3 70%




Push Jerk 115/75

Front Rack Step Back Lunges 115/75

*Both bars start from the ground.  If you Push press the Push Jerk it is a no rep. 1 lunge is one rep, you do not have to do 21 on the right and left.*



3 Rounds NOT for time:

Double arm alternating KB Snatch 10 each arm 55/35

Rest 60sec

Turkish Get-Up 5 each arm 55/35

Rest 60sec

30sec Ring Hanging L-Sit

Rest 60sec