Wednesday July 3rd 2013 O-Lifting week 9

This last 4 weeks is going to be the test, lets now put everything we have learned together. You will see the full movements from the ground now and we will also squat, that’s it. The conditioning pieces will be just that, they will be designed to keep your intensity hight without making you sore or come close to death. One big thing to remember is treat every day as its own. One day you might pr and the next you might only be able to get to 85% of that pr. That’s fine, different life factors go into that, the only thing I ask of you it to stay positive. This will make all the world of difference and keep the fun. Remember all this is is competitive exercise not rocket science.


Set 1 60% x3
Set 2 70% x2
Set 3 75% x2
Set 4-8 80%+ x1
*these are not touch and go, there should be ~10sec between reps on the first 3 sets. Rest 90sec-3min between sets.*

Set 1 70% x3
Set 2 80% x2
Set 3 85% x2
Set 4-6 90%+ x1
*if at all possible use jerk blocks, sets 1-3 should be dropped onto the blocks after every rep Rest 90sec-3min between sets.*

Front squat
4×3 moving from light up to moderate load
1×3 at a heavy load, 5lbs heavier than last week



5 sets for meters
30sec Row
Rest 90sec