Wednesday June 12th 2013 O-Lifting Week 6


SPU Warm Up (BAR 5 Reps each)

Snatch Pull + Reverse Snatch Dead Lift + Snatch OT2min for 10min (1+1+2) start at 50% and work to something heavy but still mechanically correct.

Super Set
Snatch Grip RDL 3×3 100%
Over Head Squat 3×3 50% of snatch pause 3sec at bottom

Front Squat
4×3 starting Light and working up to a moderate weight (pause 3sec at bottom)
1×3 heavy (5lbs more than last week)



6min AMRAP
5/3 Strict Pull Ups
5 Strict HSPU
*if the HSPU is implausible then do 5 Strict Presses with Dumb Bells that add up to 50% of your body weight*