Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 O-Lifting


1.Clean from Blocks Below the knees+Push Jerk 4×2+1 Medium to Heavy, Rest 90sec

2.Split Jerk 5×2 Pause 5 sec in the split before bringing feet together, Rest 90sec

3a.Clean Pulls 3×5 105% of Clean Rest 60sec, use Straps

3b.Split Press 3×5 Heavy as Possible Rest 60sec



3 Rounds, 1min Max Reps of each:

Front Squat 225/135

rest 30sec

Power Clean185/115

Rest 30sec


Rest 30sec

Strict Chest to Bar Pull Up

Rest 30sec

*You can use a rack for the front squat but you only will have one bar, so it is your job to switch the weight back and forth for the squats and the cleans on your break*

Mid Line

Not for Time:

30 Hip Extensions with a 7sec Pause at the top of each one