Kim Jordan

What Runfit has done for me . . .
( 1) It Got me working out in the mornings.
( 2) The workouts are hard, but ever changing.
( 3) I push myself like I haven’t since high school.
( 4) I say to myself “Damn, I did that!” after work out . . . huge confidence builder.
( 5) I dropped 20lbs . . . I’ve lost weight before, but this time with the Paleo Diet, I am much leaner.
( 6) My posture is a lot better and I am much more aware.
( 7) My running style is a lot more efficient.
( 8) My knees don’t hurt near as much as they used to.
( 9) Karen brings the competitor out in me, so I want to always push myself and do better.
(10) Did I mention the workouts are “Fun Hard”? What that has done fore me:
• Gained confidence
• Quicker recovery
• Healthier eating habits (don’t want to throw away my intense workouts)
• Learned importance of warm ups and stretches
(11) My flexibility has improved.
(12) I can do handstands and back-bends now at age 55. I was 20yrs old the last time I did those . . . Cool!

—— Kim Jordan, 55

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