Athlete Spotlight: Christen Flowers



Name: Christen Flowers
Age: 35
Occupation: CEO of the Flowers Home
Which class time do you normally attend?  9:30am or 5:00pm
Favorite WOD: Helen
Favorite Lift: power clean
Deadlift Max: 210lbs
Back squat Max: 175lbs
Favorite Food: hot, fudgy brownies
Favorite Athlete: Emma Flowers – soccer star
Dream Job: stay at home mom  
Dream Vacation Destination: Tahiti

How long have you been Crossfitting?
“Since January 2015.”

What keeps you coming back/motivated?
“I love it! The workouts are so challenging and leave me feeling wrecked and awesome at the same time. Plus I have to keep up with Justin now! He started after me and is killing it! We have a loving competition!”

How did you find Crossfit?
“The lovely Laura Owings kept talking to me about it and told me how much I would love it! I am so very thankful for her persistence and encouragement!”

How has Crossfit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?
“Before CrossFit I had never worked out with weights. Most of my exercise involved running and body weight stuff. I love lifting weights! I love the gymnastic moves! It is so challenging and you really surprise yourself with the weight you can move. I feel better physically and mentally because of CrossFit.”

Who or what motivates/inspires you?
“The crossfit community really motivates and inspires me. Everyone at No Excuses is so encouraging and everyone desires to see others succeed.   When I talk to friends about CrossFit I try to communicate the impact of the community and how it affects your performance but you really have to experience it. I think this type of community is crucial to people being successful in fitness and really in life.”

What is your proudest Crossfit achievement?
“Recently getting a muscle-up was freaking amazing! After many failed attempts I finally got up on the bar looked around and saw a lot of cheering faces! Again it was the people cheering me on and encouraging me that really helped make it happen!”

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through Crossfit?
“An area I really want to improve on is kipping pull-ups and chest to bar. I cannot do them unbroken and would love to develop that strength.”

Any advice for new members?
“Enjoy! You will love crossfit and the results you will see, not just physically but mentally as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure about something. Also I like to set up next or behind someone who knows the movement well so that I can watch them.”

Coach Laura’s Take:
“Christen is a bright spot in any class she attends! I love her positive attitude and how she is always seeking to improve. She is always asking me to watch her and is receptive to coaching. She is an encourager and does a great job of lifting those around her. It has been awesome to watch her grow in her fitness and discover how strong and capable she is in CrossFit. It is clear that Christen desires to improve, but she is also patient and willing to take the steps necessary to get where she wants to go with her fitness.”