Athlete Spotlight: Emily Stalling

Name:Emily Stalling


Occupation:Dental assistant


Which class time do you usually attend?4

Favorite WOD: N/a

Favorite CF Movement: Power clean

Least Favorite CF Movement: Thrusters

3RM Back Squat:125

1RM Deadlift:175

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Movie: Meet Me in St. Louis

Favorite Athlete:Tia Toomey

Dream Job:Dental assistant

Dream Vacation Destination:Germany

If you could have any super power…Shape shifting

Favorite Motivational Quote:“I care not whether my glass is half full or half empty, I’m simply happy to have a glass!”

How long have you been doing CrossFit?December 2017

How did you first discover CrossFit and what made you decide to start?

Adam Perillo and all his friends

Tell us about your fitness/sports background:

Used to swim as a child and in high school

What sorts of positive changes (mental, physical, emotional) have you noticed in your life since getting involved at No Excuses?

Posture has improved drastically since starting and my back no longer aches.

Who or what keeps you coming back and motivated?

Friends, self-motivation

In what other ways do you use your fitness?

Serving and holding head in surgery (harder than you think!)

Please share with us a favorite CrossFit or No Excuses moment.

The open when I managed to get pull ups.

Name one goal you would like to achieve in the next year (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related, but it can be)

Strict pull ups

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the gym:

Cross stitching!

What advice do you have for someone just starting CrossFit or is on the fence about starting?

Don’t worry- we all look ridiculous.

What do you love most about No Excuses?

The coaches and their support

Coach Adam’s Take:“When thinking of Emily, you can’t help but notice her incredible ability to flip a switch! One minute she’ll be cracking you up with her incredible wit, and the next minute she’ll have her head down, focusing every bit of energy she has on the task in front of her! On top of being an incredibly hard worker, outside of the gym, Emily still manages to dedicate most of her week to bettering her fitness and cementing herself within the NECF community! Emily is very humble, extremely coachable, and is a constant example of the quality of movement we hope for, from our athletes!”