Athlete Spotlight: Justin Flowers


Name: Justin Flowers
Age: 40
Occupation: Private Wealth Management
Hometown: Lilburn, GA
Which class time do you usually attend? I can really be spotted at any class, however I am normally at the 8am.
Favorite WOD: This is tough….Nate.
Favorite CF Movement: Muscle Up and Clean
Least Favorite CF Movement: Dumbbell Box Step Overs
3RM Back Squat: 300
1RM Deadlift: 365
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Favorite Movie: Fletch
Favorite Athlete: Messi
Dream Job: Playing in the Premier League
Dream Vacation Destination: Ireland
If you could have any super power… Time Travel
Favorite Motivational Quote: We have a lot of choices in life, and sometimes its just a choice of attitude.

How long have you been doing CrossFit? 
“Since October of 2015.”

How did you first discover CrossFit and what made you decide to start? 
“My wife started CrossFit and I heard her talk about the movements, the lifts, the WODS.  She was really doing well, improving, and having fun.  She, like me, is competitive so she was talking about competitions, and accomplishing new movements and said I would really enjoy it.   I came to watch her in the Hugo, and after seeing everyone compete and the overall event, I knew it was something that I would enjoy, and so here I am 3 years later.”

Tell us about your fitness/sports background: 
“I played many team sports growing up, but eventually settled on soccer and basketball, and played those pretty competitively. I never really lifted weights or anything, but I was always up for playing a sport or doing some type of physical activity.”

What sorts of positive changes (mental, physical, emotional) have you noticed in your life since getting involved at No Excuses? 
“I am definitely in a lot better shape and my overall fitness has been greatly improved since beginning CrossFit. I also eat healthier and have more energy.  I also attribute NECF to curing my restless leg syndrome, it literally has disappeared since starting CF.”

Who or what keeps you coming back and motivated? 
“There are many things that keep me coming back.  First, is that it works.  If you come consistently and follow the instruction your overall fitness will improve.  Secondly, the community and support you get from the coaches and your fellow WODers.  Finally, the ability to continue to improve.  At CrossFit you have the ability to constantly get better, by doing one more pull up, setting a new benchmark, or accomplishing a whole new movement.”

In what other ways do you use your fitness? 
“I use it in the day to day stuff, like playing with my kids and staying active with them.”

Please share with us a favorite CrossFit or No Excuses moment. 
“Early on in CrossFit the WOD called for an increasing clean and jerk ladder.  You need to do 5 sets and add weight each time.  Well I wanted to add 10lbs each set, (2 five’s) well I added two tens instead and increased my weight by 20lbs each time.  Well fast forward to set 5, and I am staring at this bar, which I have to clean and jerk, that is higher than my most recent clean max.  I look around, and since sets 1-4 were tough, the whole class had already finished and now has crowded around me cheering me to pick the bar up.  Well I cleaned it and when I tried to jerk it Fischer called a no rep and I had to do it again.  After more encouragement from the class and everyone helping me, I was able to do the lift, and finish the WOD.  It was somewhat comical because my miscalculation, but also rewarding because the gym rallied around me and I finished.”

Name one goal you would like to achieve in the next year (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related, but it can be) 
“One CrossFit goal is to do more unbroken gymnastic movements, I feel like I have to resort to singles to soon.”

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the gym: 
“I enjoying spending time with my family, and traveling.”

What advice do you have for someone just starting CrossFit or is on the fence about starting? 
“Just give it a go. It is something you just have to begin.  Get started and work with the coaches to find how you can benefit from the programs.”

What do you love most about No Excuses? 
“Community, Competition, Cleans.”

Coach Brandon’s Take: 
“Just had some natural athletic ability when he started at the gym, but it’s been great to see him improve on it with his hard work over the last few years. He’s come a long way in improving his overhead squat and developing high skill movements like muscle ups. But he’s only scratched the surface and it will be fun to see how he continues to improve.”