George Schieber

Before coming to No Excuses and discovering Crossfit, I remember always feeling tired and never feeling like my clothes fit. I hated the way I looked, and was embarrassed to go shirtless at the pool. My wife complained about my snoring and I was always going to the doctor for headaches, colds, flu, intestinal problems, you name it. It was so bad, my coworkers began calling me “Typhoid Schieber”. One time in at the doctor’s office they were going to take x-rays and I had to walk around with no shirt. I don’t remember feeling more humiliated. Then the doctor, not so subtly, told me, “Mr. Schieber, you should consider lifting something heavy once in a while.” Enough was enough! I really needed to do something.

After some looking around, I tried a boot camp. It worked wonders…until it was over. Then I went right back to where I was, even worse. I joined a local franchise gym. I went for a while, and then slowly over time, not at all. It was pretty evident, left to my own devices, nothing was going to change. What next?

Still searching, I was at my kid’s dental appointment, and I saw a flyer with Kyle Maynard’s face smiling on it. It caught my attention, because Kyle is good friends with my son, Brian. They were on the same wrestling team at Collins Hill, and remain friends now. I read the flyer and decided to give it a try.

Being my typical prompt self, I called, later the next week. I spoke with Ben and he and I set up a time for my first attempt. When I walked in, I was surprised to see a place filled with weights, weight racks, pull-up bars, medicine balls, etc. I was surprised there were no machines, T.V.’s, receptionists, whirlpools, etc. What, exactly, were we going to do? We stretched, discussed my fitness goals, and Ben decided I should do a workout called “Cindy”.

“Cindy” is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats; as many times as you can, in 20 minutes. That seemed simple enough. Let me tell you right now, OUCH! I didn’t make 20 minutes. I stopped in 10 and finished only 4 rounds, with the assistance of some heavy duty rubber bands and push-ups on my knees. I didn’t realize I was so out of shape. I knew I was overweight, but always thought it would be a quick recovery. What a reality check.
When I got home, I could not stop talking about it. I was hooked. It was everything I needed. Small groups, semi-competitive, high intensity, all within a one hour time frame. My wife told me, if you love it that much, GO!

When I started at No Excuses, I was 5’ 8” and 190 lbs at 47 years old. I could not do a pull-up without assistance. I could only do about 5 pushups before I was winded. I was ready for a change. I started out going only 2 or three days a week. I did everything I was asked and slowly but surely, I started noticing the shape of my body was changing.

After a couple months, we started something called the Hugo Challenge. The instructors were challenging us to try a Paleo diet and complete all of the prescribed workouts for one whole month. Since I had been seeing positive results up to this point, I was excited about what results this would bring. If I was to bet before hand, I would have lost everything.


We started and ended the challenge being measured in a pressurized “pod” that measures body fat percentage, weight, and bone and muscle density. The results were far better than anything I could ever have dreamed of. I lost 15 pounds, 10% body fat, while gaining 3 lbs. of muscle. I was thinner and smaller, but stronger and faster. How did THAT happen?

I can’t imagine my life without No Excuses. I look forward to the workouts. I am healthier than I have ever been. My wife told me I no longer snore. I haven’t been to the doctor for almost 1 year, except for my annual physical. When I went to my physical, my doctor took one look at me, smiled, and said, “FINALLY! Someone listened to me.”

The benefits for me go far beyond the physical and measureable. When I feel like giving up, someone encourages me. When I see someone else struggle, I can be a good example to them. The instructors, the members, everything about No Excuses feels like a family to me. Competition, encouragement, camaraderie, all of it is a recipe for success.