Athlete Spotlight: Calvin Thain

Calvin Thain lifting two bumbles in a CrossFit competition

Name: Calvin Thain

Age: 26

Occupation: IT

Hometown: Buford

Which class time do you usually attend?: 5:30/6:30

Favorite WOD: Anything with Pullups/Rowing/Gymnastic Movements.

Favorite CF Movement: Clean and Jerk

Least Favorite CF Movement: Double Unders

3RM Back Squat: Maybe 200

Favorite Food: Bánh mì

Favorite Movie: Valley Uprising

Favorite Athlete: Chris Sharma, Janja Garnbret, Laura Horvath

Dream Job: IT

Dream Vacation Destination: Japan or Croatia

Favorite Motivational Quote: “Every man has two lives, and the second starts when he realizes he has just one” — Confucius.

How long have you been doing CrossFit: Jun, 2022

How did you first discover CrossFit and what made you decide to start?: I always heard about it and I wanted to find something that would push myself.

Tell us about your fitness/sports background: Always was active but never worked out. Grew up MTN biking and then started rock climbing 4 years ago.

What sorts of positive changes (mental, physical, emotional) have you noticed in your life since getting involved at No Excuses?: My work is not physical so it really helped to do physical workouts wither that be rock climbing or CrossFit. Helps balance your life and defiantly made me happier overall. physical I am way stronger and have WAY more endurance. I can do any physical activity with friends and almost never get tired.

Who or what keeps you coming back and motivated?: Helps me mentally relax and live a more balanced life. I also love the competitive nature of it with always trying to beat yesterday me.

In what other ways do you use your fitness?: Everything. Rock climbing, hiking or any physical activity I can find.

Please share with us a favorite CrossFit or No Excuses moment: Winning the 2022 Hugo Games with the best teammates.

Name one goal you would like to achieve in the next year (doesn’t have to be CrossFit related, but it can be): Much better squat, no kipping handstand pushup, double-under.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests outside of the gym: Learning anything that interests me (IT work related learning, health, nutrition), travelling and rock climbing.

What advice do you have for someone just starting CrossFit or is on the fence about starting?: Do it. What do you have to lose? Least you can do is try. Start slow and learn the movements correctly before you add weight. Have fun with it.

What do you love most about No Excuses?: The community of great people that all are trying to improve themselves each in there own way.