Let us tell you about Lynn

Lynn went on a 10-day vacation in June.

When she returned home, she had to catch up on work and family things. But she didn’t go back to the gym.

Then Fourth of July came and went and it had been more than two weeks since Lynn went to the gym.

She began to think ‘Should I even go back?’

But she was feeling lethargic and lazy at work and home. All the hard work she had put into working out months before felt like it was melting away.

Lynn knew she had to get back to the gym, but kept making the excuse I’ll start on Monday.

But she couldn’t wait until Monday. So she went to a later class time she normally doesn’t attend.

After the workout, she said ‘I feel like I’m back!’

So she went to the gym the next day and the day after that.

We know it can be hard to work out in the summertime with so many distractions. Take a break, enjoy your time away from work, spend time with your family and friends.

Just remember to be like Lynn and come back soon. 🙂