Around The Whiteboard: Cameron Weeks

Around the Whiteboard with Cameron Weeks


Certifications:BS-Exercise Physiology, MS-Sports Science and Rehabilitation, DC-Doctor of Chiropractic, NSCA-CSCS, Crossfit L-1

Favorite WOD: Anything with a Barbell.  No burpees…or box jumps.

Favorite Lift: Back Squat


Back Squat:475

Snatch: 245

Clean and Jerk: 325

Favorite Food: I’m a meat and potatoes kid…but getting more adventurous

Favorite Movie: Too many good ones…

Favorite Athlete: Gonna be boring here… I like watching any good athlete, but don’t really follow any one in particular

Dream Job: Would be not working?  Haha. I enjoy what I get to do.

Favorite Workout Song: Actually, if I am lifting for Max Effort… I like to lift to Classical music

Favorite Motivational Quote:N/A


How did you find CrossFit and what drew you to getting started? I was in undergrad, and we came across the old HQ site when it was more of a blog.  Did “Filthy Fifty” and had that good kind of hurt, so we kept going.  It reminded me of grinders back when I used to wrestle growing up.

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Found it back in 2008, first got Certified in 2010


What impact has CrossFit had on your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness? It has had a large impact, more in the sense of keeping generally physically active and prepared to go through a lot of busy times in life, grad school, 2 moves across the country, starting a family, it has been a stress reliever, therapist, and a place to make new friends for about the last decade.


What is your athletic background? How did you get started in those sports?  I grew up playing a lot of sports, and a lot of outdoor athletics being from the Northwest…but I really stuck with and excelled in Wrestling.  We were encouraged as kids to try as many things as we could and find what we liked and to stick with that.


Have you always known that you wanted to be involved in training and coaching others? Actually…no.  Being from Idaho, after High School I continued to work construction and farming as I did all through HS.  I continued to train, and participate in club sports during that time, and when I decided to go to college, I was actually an English Major for pre-law… haha.  After a couple years of College, I decided I liked the sciences and human body more than debating with others… so I switched and developed this path in my mid 20’s.


What do you love most about coaching others? I enjoy seeing the confidence that comes with learning that you can do hard things, and you can continually improve your quality of life.


Tell us about a CrossFit moment or achievement of which you are particularly proud.  I coached a female CrossFit athlete in St. Louis to qualify for the CrossFit Games as the #1seed athlete in the Female 60+ Masters division.  That was a lot of fun.


What is your funniest CrossFit moment?…I left a gym I had coached at for a few years, and on my last day my whole class showed up in screen printed t-shirts with a bunch of “Cameronisms” they had made.

What is one goal you have yet to achieve in CrossFit but are working hard towards?  Every year I tell myself I am going to do the workout King Kong on Christmas. Maybe this year?


What are your hobbies and interests outside of CrossFit? I like to be outside.  I miss my mountains and outdoor activities from out west, but I am learning to like it here as well.  I am getting into rafting and have a goal to continue mountain biking more this summer.

What is your advice for new members? Stick with it and keep your ego in check while you are learning.  Anyone can go hard for a couple of months, but you want to be able to get after it for years to come.  Remember, mechanics, then consistency, then intensity!


What do you love most about No Excuses CrossFit compared to other CrossFit gyms? This is a very community-oriented gym, with a lot of engagement opportunities to get to know people outside of your regular class time, and outside the gym even.  Take advantage of some of these opportunities, and you get to meet people of all walks of life just trying to improve themselves!  It is a lot of fun.