Around the Whiteboard: Mathew Shamloo

We’re going Around the Whiteboard again; this time with Coach Mathew!



Certifications: CF-L1
Favorite WOD: Amanda
Favorite Lift: Snatch
Deadlift: 475
Back Squat: 345
Snatch: 235
Clean and Jerk: 290
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Movie: So many. I think for my athlete spotlight I said The Goonies. So let’s go with Big Trouble in Little China this time. Because Kurt Russell and John Carpenter.
Favorite Athlete: Tim Duncan (Retire In Peace)
Dream Job: Travelling food taster
Favorite Workout Song: Lately it’s Starboy by The Weeknd
Favorite Motivational Quote: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

How did you find CrossFit and what drew you to getting started?
“My very first encounter with Crossfit was while sitting in a pizzeria stuffing my face with some greasy, cheesy, supreme pizza. They had it showing on the TVs. I remember thinking to myself “Hmmm…that looks interesting.” I was never the fastest or the strongest or the best with endurance. But I was always faster than my strong friends and stronger than my fast friends. Come to find out, that’s what Crossfit is all about. YAHTZEE! I quickly learned that I wasn’t as strong nor as fast as I thought I was. Sorry, hotshot. It was very humbling, but was something that reignited the competitive flame inside of me.”

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
“3 years.”

What impact has CrossFit had on your life, lifestyle, and level of fitness?
“Crossfit has undoubtedly had a great impact on my life: physically, mentally, personally, and professionally. The biggest thing that I have taken away is that the time you put into something matters. Generally, it doesn’t take long to become good at something. Going from OK to good isn’t that big of a gap. But going from good to great? Fine tuning, making the slightest adjustment, adapting to new challenges, overcoming adversity, all while continuing to forge forward — that is where the real work comes in. This is something that I have tried to instill across every part of my life. Whatever it is, it can be overcome.”

What is your athletic background? How did you get started in those sports?
“My athletic background consists mostly of youth sports: baseball, soccer, football, basketball and anything else I could get mixed-up in. I focused on playing basketball in high school. Two broken ankles and a dislocated shoulder pretty much wrapped up my organized sports career. Since then I have played in the occasional basketball and soccer rec leagues.”

Have you always known that you wanted to be involved in training and coaching others?
“Somewhat. Thanks to my laundry list of sports related injuries, I spent a number of hours in physical rehab. I entered college with the idea of becoming a physical therapist, as I saw it as a way to give back for the treatment that I had received. Although that isn’t the career path I took, looking back I see that becoming a coach has given me a similar level of satisfaction. Taking the information and experience I have gained and used for myself and helping others achieve goals has been fulfilling in the way that I imagined all those years ago.”

What do you love most about coaching others?
“My favorite thing about coaching is the constant challenge that individuality presents. While Crossfit is a “group” experience, there are 10-20 different parts. Different challenges. Different comprehensions. Different strengths. Different weaknesses. Different people. All of whom need that one thing explained a different way. And then when something I say or do helps someone hit a lift or movement and I see the “lightbulb” go off above their head…it’s just a great feeling.”


Tell us about a CrossFit moment or achievement of which you are particularly proud.
“I would say that the most recent would be competing in the Team Series with Deb, Vanessa and Chris. It was a lot of fun [pronounced “pain”]. After 8 horrible WODs, we placed 144th.”

What is your funniest CrossFit moment?
“One day, in the middle of the winter months, we were doing sets of hang snatches. It was a Saturday. It was cold. The bar was tough to grip. As I thought to myself, “keep the bar close”…BAM! I smacked myself in the nose on the way up. Not only did it skin the front of my nose, but I am pretty sure that my face was numb for 3 days.”

What is one goal you have yet to achieve in CrossFit but are working hard towards?
“405lbs squat. These chickens need some work.”

What are your hobbies and interests outside of CrossFit?
“My hobbies and interest outside of Crossfit range. I love food, mostly eating it. So finding new, delicious places and things to eat ranks pretty high. I like doing things outdoors: going for hikes, kayaking, whatever. I guess that come January, changing diapers, warming bottles and raising a small human can be added to the list.”

What is your advice for new members?
“I would say that the one piece of advice I have is that this is all about balance. A balance of volume and intensity. Don’t be so concerned about the weights you are or in most cases *aren’t* doing. Sometimes the intensity is more valuable than the volume of weight. Finding the balance where you can have both is the key. And also have fun…and pizza. Eat some pizza, ya know, for balance.”

What do you love most about No Excuses CrossFit?
“It never goes without saying that the community is great. Because it is. There’s something to be said about the sharing of suffering and pain with others. The number of friends I have gained through the gym goes beyond what I ever expected.”