CrossFit Open is 4 weeks away!

The CrossFit Open is about four weeks away and No Excuses CrossFit is excited to announce its plans for the three-week online competition.

Beginning on Friday, March 12 and every Friday for the three weeks during the CrossFit Open, we will be doing the CrossFit Open workout in class.

The CrossFit Open is a fun way to test our training, an opportunity to challenge us, a way to have some friendly competition. Here’s how it works.

The CrossFit Games will announce the workout on Thursday night at 8 pm. The workout that is announced will be the workout for Friday’s classes at No Excuses CrossFit. If you’re signed up for the Open, we will have a scoresheet for you and you will need a judge. If you’re not signed up, you will still do the workout, but will not need a judge. You will turn in your scoresheet and submit your score online.

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question or concern, please contact Coach Brandon at

Q: What is the CrossFit Open?
A: The CrossFit Games season begins with the CrossFit Open. Each Thursday night a different workout will be posted by the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world.

Q: What are the dates for the CrossFit Open?
A: Friday, March 12
Friday, March 19
Friday, March 26

Q: What’s the cost to do the CrossFit Open?
A: If you want to be an official participant, the cost is $20 when you register through the CrossFit Games website. If you want to participate unofficially without registering, there is no charge.

Q: What time can I start warming up?
A: You are welcome to arrive to class early to do any specific warm-up or mobility drills you feel necessary.

Q: What will a typical class look like during the CrossFit Open?
A: We will still do the Prep together along with a strength or skill piece. There will be two heats of the CrossFit Open workout in each class, so that people can partner up and judge each other. If you don’t need a judge, there will be additional accessory work for you to do after the workout.

Q: Why are we doing the CrossFit Open in class and not with Friday Night Throwdown like we did in 2019?
A: Your health and safety are our top priority and with COVID right now we do not feel comfortable having 40-50 people in the gym at one time.

Q: What if I’m not signed up for the CrossFit Open? Can I still workout on Friday?
A: We are encouraging everyone to participate in the CrossFit Open. If you do not wish to participate, you can come to class and do the workout Just keep in mind it won’t be a traditional style class.

Q: What if I can’t do the CrossFit Open on Friday? Can I do the Open WOD on another day?
A: We prefer everyone do it on Friday. If you something comes up and you need to do it on Saturday or Monday, please contact Coach Brandon to schedule a time and judge for you to do it.

Q: I just started CrossFit. Should I do the CrossFit Open?
A: Yes you should, especially since there’s a scaled division and a foundations division for people that are new to CrossFit.

Q: Is the CrossFit Open just for really strong or athletic people?
A: No. This is for everyone — essentials, fitness, scaled, Rx, Rx+. New CrossFitters to veteran CrossFitters. From kids to masters, this is for everyone!

Q: Should I do the Rx or scaled in the CrossFit Open?
A: If you are able to do all of the following movements you should do Rx. If you are unable to do any of the following movements, you should have the expectation to do scaled at least one week. Another option is to do scaled one week and Rx another week. An example of an Rx workout is doing C2B, Scaled is doing pull ups.
Rx movements include: Muscle ups, handstand push ups, double unders, toes to bar, chest to bar pull ups, box jumps, wall balls, thrusters, snatch, deadlift, clean, overhead squat, rowing, burpees.

Q: Are we doing anything else than just the workout?
A: Yes, we have a fun BINGO game planned during the three weeks of the CrossFit Open. The BINGO card will have fun challenges for you to complete. Some are as simple as just doing the workout, others involve social media, and some involve doing extra work after class. Each person that completes BINGO or blackout BINGO will be entered in a drawing for a Betso Tacos gift card or Amazon gift card.

Q: When’s the deadline to sign-up for the CrossFit Open?
A: You need to sign-up for the CrossFit Open by Friday, March 12 at the CrossFit Games web site.

Q: This sounds really cool! Will there be a No Excuses CrossFit Open shirt?
A: Yes! There will actually be T-shirts, tank tops, hoodys. You need to pre-order your shirt by Wednesday, February 24.

Q: This sounds awesome! What do I do next?
A: Sign-up for the CrossFit Open by going to this link.