CrossFit Team Series info

No Excuses CrossFit competed in the CrossFit Open earlier this year and we just completed the Hugo Open last week.

Now it’s time to throwdown again, but this time it’s just with a partner. The CrossFit Team Series is partner workouts over the span of two weeks. The logistics are simple – get a partner, preferably in the same class time you attend, register at this link and then come to class to hit the WOD. There will be Rx and Scaled versions of the workouts along with age divisions. The Team Series workouts will be programmed as part of the regular class WOD starting on Thursday, Sept. 21.



When will we do the CrossFit Team Series workouts?

We will do the WODs in class. One WOD per day with two heats per class. If you’re in Heat 1, Heat 2 will judge you and then you will switch.


What days will we do the Team Series workouts?

The WODs will be released Wednesday night. Each week will be 3-4 workouts. We will do one WOD on Thursday, one on Friday, one on Saturday and one on Monday, if necessary.


What if I can’t come to the gym on one of those days?

If people need to make-up a WOD or re-test, they can come on Sunday from 2-4 pm when Coach Deb opens the gym.


What if I can’t come on Sunday?

As a last option, you can do the WOD between class times, but you will need to get your own judge. The afternoon/evening classes can use the front room if it’s not being used by CrossFit Kids or CrossFit Teens.


Do I have to use the same partner for each workout, each week?

If you’re signed up for the Team Series, yes, you have to use the same person for all of the workouts. If you aren’t doing the Team Series, they can change partners WOD to WOD or week to week.


If I do one WOD Rx, do I have to do all of them Rx?

No. You can bounce back and forth from Rx to Scaled versions of the WOD. However, both teammates need to do the same version.


Are there age divisions?

Yes. Just like the CrossFit Open, there are various age divisions. Your team will be in the division of the youngest person on your team. The age divisions are: Open: All, 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+.


What will class look like during the Team Series?

Thursday, Sept. 21

Warm-up: 10mins

Transition/Set up: 5 mins

WOD 1/Group A: 20 mins

Transition/Set up: 5 mins

WOD 1/Group B: 20 mins


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Coach Brandon.